What's New for September 2021

What's New for September 2021

I have been somewhat jealous for years of artist friends who sell paintings right off the easel. Well, it finally happened to me! This little one was finished about 10 minutes when a couple guys came in and decided to take it. Once it is signed and dry, it goes to a new home in Washington State. 

Even though we lived in California for 20 years, we had never visited Yosemite. In September, we fixed that. I have never been so amazed by views of land and I am sure several paintings will result. Here is the first, which is actually outside the park. We were fortunate that while we were there, the skies were almost completely clear despite fires that were raging close by.

I'm sure that many of my art friends will think I unashamedly stole this idea from another artist. In truth, I had exactly the same idea a few years ago and photographed a model in this pose. But the pictures were not lit well and nothing ever came of it. Then recently, I saw the other guys work and decided to try again. Afterward, I looked online for "girl with a candle" paintings and found the same idea has gone back for a LONG time. So neither of us, had an original idea.

 By the way, I think some of you who are around my age might get the title, but I will explain. One of my favorite songs of the 70s was "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire. I originally thought I would name the painting that and the song played in my mind as I painted this. Then I thought why not make it a little more obscure? The phrase Ba-Dee-Ya is repeated many times in the song so for those who did not think they were singing "Party On" I hope you got the reference. We are so fortunate to be able to walk upstream a ways and see stuff like this. It is easy to see why we love it here. I may be a bit tougher on the same walk in late February.

I mentioned on the main page about going over the top with fall colors. Here's an example of going too far. These kinds of scenes are actually real around here and they are thrilling to see and great to photograph. But a successful painting should be a little more under control with some neutral grays. They are what make the colors really pop. But it is hard not to get excited when you see an area on fire with color!

This one is more subdued with just a little color in the birch trees. Still, I am tempted to add some more brilloiant color. I just need to be judicious.

Last month, I had the idea of a series of small paintings with an exaggerated hair style and within that hair would be almost no definition or shading; just a nearly solid mass where the hair was. In reality, model, Hannah has never had this hair style so I had to make it up (easier without any nuance). Even as the series progressed, it shifted a bit with the use of lots more paint slathered on with a palette knife. I think I have taken this series about as far as it can go but I may do another with all the hair just being gold foil. I call this the "Wild Hair" series.

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